The DPC Model

More About DPC

With over 2000 DPC practices nationally, direct primary care is growing rapidly. This is a membership-based care model where patients pay doctors directly with membership fees, rather than paying through an insurance provider. Bypassing insurance companies allows for more affordable, accessible healthcare without compromising on the quality of care. DPC provides direct primary care services to patients — which lower healthcare costs and meets patient needs more efficiently. DPC also strengthens the patient doctor relationship by allowing for longer visits when they are needed, and without long waits. This breeds trust and familiarity, and allows for healthcare that is tailored to your needs. Most DPCs cap their patient panel to 400-600 members (versus 1500-1800 in a standard practice) so that their patients get the attention they deserve.

Membership fees cover the cost of all doctor visits and most primary care services. Patients receive better communication, longer appointments, and in some cases, even house calls.

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